standard-title Medicine List of most requested treatments and surgeries by our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request. We will do everything to find the best specialist to treat your condition.


List of most requested treatments and surgeries by our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request. We will do everything to find the best specialist to treat your condition.


  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory and Allergy
  • Medical ENT
  • Endocrinology – Diabetes- Nutrition
  • Medical oncology and radiotherapy

Cardiovascular / post-stroke rehabilitation

Cardiovascular disease implies all diseases related to blood vessels and heart muscle. They are usually caused by a degeneration of blood flow to the coronary arteries responsible for the irrigation of the heart. Among the most frequent cardiovascular diseases include, among others, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disturbances, cerebrovascular disease or heart defects. It is the main cause of death worldwide. Cardiovascular disease is favored by smoking, obesity, poor diet, an excess of alcohol, lack of physical activity.

Some other risk factors are hypertension and diabetes. Stroke or myocardial infarction may occur if a vessel is blocked, preventing blood from accessing the brain or heart. We work with the best cardiologists and surgeons who rely on the latest advanced techniques such as the use of stents and development of endovascular treatments.  

We organize on request your post-operative rehabilitation or functional re-education in one of the rehabilitation centers, selected among the best!

Respiratory and Allergy

Pneumonologie studies and treats diseases of the lungs, bronchi, pleura. The main conditions treated are a respiratory failure, asthma, emphysema, diseases of infectious nature (lung ulcers, bronchopneumonia, pleurisy, pneumonia, tuberculosis) or tumoral (lung, pleura, etc.diabetes). Pulmonary emphysema is a disease diffuse lung characterized by a distension of the cells with the destruction of the wall. Chronic bronchitis often causes this disease.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchi which affects both adults and children. It causes difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing. Asthma is an allergic cause for 70% of adults and 95% children.

Temporary interruptions of breathing characterize sleep apnea during the sleeping posed by a momentary weakness of muscle tone in the throat. This syndrome, therefore, causes sleep disruption and insufficient blood oxygenation. It most often affects overweight men and heavy snorers.

Medical ENT and ENT surgery

Otolaryngology, also known as ear, nose, and throat (ENT), is the branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disorders.

Otolaryngologists diagnose and treat conditions that affect the nose and sinuses, the larynx (voice box), the oral cavity, and the upper pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as structures of the neck and face in both children and adults.

Pediatric ENT has become a real specialty that supports common diseases of the throat, nose and ears childcare and surgery relating to (tonsillectomy, ablations of vegetation, installation of ventilation tubes, chronic otitis, cholesteatoma of the child, congenital cysts of the neck).

Endocrinology -Diabetes- Nutrition

Specialists in endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition treat the following conditions:

  • Nutrition: dyslipidemia and overweight but also severe obesity
  • Diabetology: all types of diabetes, gestational diabetes, functional insulin therapy, diabetic foot
  • Endocrinology: disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid with thyroid ultrasound and FNA, the management of thyroid cancer, pituitary disease, adrenal disease, endocrine tumors, gonadal disorders.

Endocrinologic studies the glands (endocrine) and metabolism, their operations, their illnesses and how to treat them.

An endocrine gland produces substances such as adrenaline or insulin which pass into the blood circulation for acting on components that are in different locations of the body.

Metabolism is a set of mechanisms essential for life such as the manufacture and use of the glucose or cholesterol.

Endocrinologist supports people with thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer), but also of adrenal gland function abnormalities, or pituitary gland ( a gland located at the base of the brain). Thus, it follows the patients with Cushing’s disease, acromegaly, etc.

An endocrinologist can also treat the malfunctioning of the sex glands (ovary, testes). It is, for example, specializes in disorders of puberty (early or late).

Women suffering from symptoms related to menopause can also be supported by an endocrinologist, as men suffering from symptoms related to andropause. However, for these problems, it is usually the gynecologist who takes the women’s side, and the urologist, the men’s side.

Some endocrinologists specialize in reproductive medicine (medically assisted procreation), the decline in fertility problems, sterility, sometimes being related to hormonal disorders. The proposed treatment may also be based on hormones, such as those used in case of ovarian stimulation.

The endocrinologist also supports people with diabetes (too much sugar in the blood). In this case, the pancreas is sick and no longer produce enough insulin, or the insulin it secretes no longer able to balance the level of sugar in the blood effectively. Endocrinologists have specialized in this pathology. It also speaks of a diabetologist.

Finally, the endocrinologist can be specializing in the treatment of diseases related to metabolic disorders (such as cholesterol), and trafficking, in particular, overweight and obesity.


Oncology is the medical specialty responsible for the study, diagnosis and treatment of cancers, consequences of the uncontrolled proliferation of certain cells of the body. It is interested in all types of cancerous tumors, whether solid or not, localized or extended. The primary purpose of oncology is to understand better the possible causes of cancer and the development process to prevent and heal more efficiently.

Oncologists make decisions about the best treatment to be adopted for a particular patient based on personal characteristics, its general condition and the type of cancerous tumor from which he suffers: its location, its progress, and prognosis. This specialty is very hospitable and often multidisciplinary, involving specialists of the affected organ, the pathologists, the cell biologists, surgeons, radiologists, radiation therapists, etc.

You can find more information on the website of the National Cancer Institute.